E-day: Eindhoven, The Netherlands, April 2007


2007, the 28th of April: E-Day’s second edition (?!). Fine weather outside, fine music inside and a gradually increasing number of visitors (up to about 250).

After Ron’s introduction, at about 3.00 P.M., Elektronische Maschine appeared on the stage for the afternoon concert. A Dutch band, making Kraftwerk-like music. They played about 16 tracks from different albums, solid and up tempo. Whereas the Kraftwerk members do their gigs almost without motion, Electronische Maschine presented a vivid show. A funny moment was, when the percussionist, who was steady in his rhythms, but a bit unsteady in his riffs, stood on the front of the stage with a salver shaped drumpad in his hand. At that moment he looked like a waiter, serving sound.
Although I enjoyed the concert, I think it stopped in time, otherwise it would have been a bit too much. But especially the music parts where nice spherical synth chords were added (e.g. in ‘E-motion’) were appealing to the ear. The end of the show was Krafwerk-like: the members of the band leaving the stage one by one during the last number, which turned out to be not the end of the show because they added two more numbers. And that’s not Kraftwerk-like!

Luuk Molenaar