Shameless Kraftwerk copyists who played at the 1997 Alfa Centauri festival, EM are a trio who wear identical shirts, work in a studio called Klankstudio , and have a power station ("kraftwerk" in German) on the cover of their CD. They sing in monotone voices and have titles like "Metal Klange" and "Tanzen Mit Computer" -but having said all that, since Kraftwerk don't release an album for five years at a time or more, there must be a huge demand for this style, and it's inevitable that bands like EM will be well set up to satisfy it. The band don't stick strictly to the strong analog sounds preferred by their mentors, incorporating more conventional drums and some twangy, highly resonant effects. There are touches of early Depeche Mode (as on "Not Anruf") as well as of Kraftwerk, and a lot less in the way of vocals; however, "Reaktor" is bound to please any fans of the Dusseldorf mystery men, and is well worth getting hold of.


(RAD 001)