This interviews was conducted with Elektronische Maschine.on 11-05-2011 thanks Elektronische Maschine

We are very pleased to get the chance to ask you a few questions. Thanks you Elektronische Maschine that you have found time for this interview.

Can you introduce yourself and the band members of Elektronische Maschine to us?
I am Michael Malais: performer, vocals and percussion.

The other band members are:
Richard de Boer: composer, performer, vocals, keyboards and percussion
Sonja de Boer: electronic percussion
Wilco Oome: performer, percussion
Norman van Krimpen: light controller

How did you get the name Elektronische Maschine?
Our music is made electronically and sounds like a machine. Of coarse the inspiration for the title is also the famous track: Die Mensch Maschine of Kraftwerk.

What kind of sound produces Elektronische Maschine?
Home made electronic sounds. The finished tracks are full of emotion and rhythm.

Who or what was an inspiration to you for your compositions?
In the beginning the inspiration was the sound of the 80's (Italo, Human league) and of coarse Kraftwerk. Later on influences from all kind of music are present: classical electronic music (Tangerine dream, Jarre), but also trance, techno, EBM en electro-gothic. All these elements blends in to something which is the unique sound of ELEKTRONISCHE MASCHINE.Besides of this the music one hears in the daily life is for us an inspiration to produce something which is opposite to that.

How did you came up with the title "kampf maschine" (Elektronische Maschine latest CD) and what were your thoughts to have this finished album in your hands?
When producing the first tracks of the new album we thought it has the atmosphere of a battle field. So to impose the title: Kampf Maschine was only one small step further.When having this finished products in our hands we oversee a period of 7 years hard labour, lots of creative fun. Furthermore we are proud to produce a CD in which ELEKTRONISCHE MASCHINE is not repeating itself.

What is your opinion on the current state of this genre scene in The terms of creativity and audiences? And the scene in other countries?
We are not really part of any genre. But I think you are referring to the electro gothic scene. We see the audience attention declining. We also believe that a lot of new music we hear is a variation to the same theme. So it is time to explore new horizons. Easer to say than to realize.We haven't been in this scene abroad so we are not in a position to comment on that.

Since the music industry is more open now to purely electronic music has this made things easier for you?
Are are not depending on any music industry. We are our own managers. Our label Intrapop gives us total creative freedom. We produce electronics music and a very lifely vivid stage performance according to our own ideas. So what happening around us doesn't change for us anything.

Do you see the Internet as a benefit for bands like Elektronische Maschine? Does the growing possibility of someone downloading your material, rather than buying it, worry you?
The internet is a great benefit for us. By this we can reach the friends of the serious electronic music and we are not dependent of the music market, which only has dollar signs (or Euro signs in their eyes). Next to our music is our eye-catching live performance. You cannot download that. You must experience that in real life. Besides of that when people are downloading our music illegally than perhaps they want to see us perform. So it is not all bad.

What are your top ten favorite genre Club Songs of all time?
Difficult to answer. Take some nice tracks of Kraftwerk and that's our answer.

What band or bands would you like to tour with and why?
Bands who speak our musical language are always welcome to join us on stage.

What about all the big festivals? Summer Darkness in the netherlands? Mera Luna in Germany Familientreffen in Germany and Wave Gothic Treffen in Germany and many more?
It is a good thing that these festivals exists besides the bigger ones like Pinkpop, Torhout, etc. This gives the audience at least some alternative that the average music style we always hear in daily life.

What's the band's favorite song to play live?
Without a doubt: trance metal. It is a combination of a great song and a special choreographic performance of the band members. The feedback from the audience when playing this song is always great.

If there was one thing you want people to know about your band what would that be?
With ELEKTRONISCHE MASCHINE it is not about words. It is what we produce on CD and on stage. Come and see our band live: that's is want we want to say. To show that a live performance of a electronic band is more than one guy singing in front of another guy who is doing playback on his keyboard.

Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here
The machine never stops. So we have rebuilt our studio to start our next project. A highly emotional electronic musical experience. Additionally we keep on playing live when the clubs and audience are open to it.

Where would you like to see Elektronische Maschine three years from now?
Working very hard on our new album. Because this always takes a lot of time, due to our high quality standards. And still having fun in performing live.

Any final thoughts for our readers and your ebm-industrial fans?
We don't haven any additional thought to your readers, they are in the position to make up their own mind otherwise they are not into this type of music.