A Neon World by Sergio Vilar 30-01-04

By Sergio Vilar (SV)

SV:Could you begin being like the idea arose of forming Elektronische Maschine?

EM: Starting Elektronische Maschine is not a result of a masterplan. Inspired by the great electronic music performers at that time, Richard (Herr de Boer) just started purchasing a keyboard in 1994 looking for some nice sounds. Soon he realized he had great talent in creating songs and the rest is history.

SV: Have you individually worked in other bands or do you have projects outside of Elektronische Maschine?
EM: No, All the efforts and time is spend in Elektronische Maschine, with the result an outstanding sound and some high level of perfection.

SV: Musically speaking, How would you describe your work? Toward where do you aim your musical ideas?
EM: (Electro)-feeling, danceable, generating adrenaline when listening to it (loud and concentrated). The musical ideas is is really well described, because Elektronische Maschine has no political, religious, environmental message. It is really the combination of sounds, rythms and melodies which must evoke to the audience some kind of positive vibe and emotion. Our music is therefore well suited on dance floors in clubs, where people can express themselves optimally.

SV: Could you explain to me the concept behind the title you “Das Netz”?
EM: Although we are a Dutch band “Das Netz” is in German language and it means: “The Internet”. This subject gives us the opportunity to have some nice themes in sound to make a song of. Again it is more the music itself than the subject which are important for us.

SV:Which were the feelings or the ideas that you wanted to express through the songs?
EM: To show the people that danceable music is also suitable for listening at home or in the car, because it is more than just a basic beat and melody. The music contains a lot of different hidden levels which you only discover when listening carefully.

SV: Besides your influences, what did it take them to compose this music type?
EM: Of coarse you have the musical influences from all types of music. But this hasn’t led to the unique sound of Elektronische Maschine. This last is result of something which is hard to explain and also for me it is hard to understand. But something comes out from my soul to the keyboards. A major tool to realize this is of course the basic material which is presented by our specialist Dr. J, who is the sound synthetist of the band. These self produced sound makes it very easy to express my musical ideas.

SV: Would you say that it is difficult to be absolutely original inside the current electronic music?
EM: Yes. But it is a fact that nobody in the business is nowadays able to be ABSOLUTE original. But I have listened to a lot of music the last decades and I have never heard a track that sounds like the music of Elektronische Maschine.

SV: Which are your immediate projects? Are you already working in the next album?
EM: Preparing music is a ongoing process. Musical ideas you cannot plan. Elektronische Maschine is producing music ongoing. Our next CD will be finalysed in 2-3 years. The standard is high. Quality required time.
Next to that we are always working on our live act, which is an important component of Elektronische Maschine.

SV: Thank you. Some final message to finish the interview?
EM: For us and I know many artists in the world it is shameful that the business minded people dominate the music market, resulting in poor standards of music displayed on TV and radio. This on it’s turn influences the young audiences for which these kind of rubbish is the standard.

One example: I played a track of Elektronische Maschine to a child of 8 years old and she said: HOW CAN THIS BE MUSIC THERE IS NO SINGING IN IT.
What else do I need to say.

Finally I want to thank you for the interest in our band: Elektronische Maschine